Internet of Things (IoT) Software Engineer

Banani, Dhaka | Full-time

Therap is a global company that provides information technology services to health care professionals serving intellectually and developmentally disabled patient populations. Therap is investigating ways to incorporate networked biometric devices into its service offerings. We are seeking to hire a recently graduated person with a degree in computer science or computer engineering to help us assess which commercially available devices are most compatible with the Therap platform.
Job responsibilities will include:
(1) Engaging with a variety of networked devices as an end user. Performing extensive testing and analysis of each device's functionality. 
(2) Locating and developing comprehensive expertise in the Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) from the manufacturer or third-party companies associated with each device under study.
(3) Creating prototypes of new potential service offerings that integrate specified devices with Therap's platform
(4) Demonstrating key capabilities of these devices and the prototypes created
(5) Preparing technical reports - presenting results and demonstrating system capabilities to supervisors and other managers